Year End Show 2011 – Own The Night

The Songworks Music School members of Who’s That Girl, Lady Rock, Noise To Men - and myself – will be performing our show Own the Night at a year-end party to be held at the Yellowwood Café in Howick on Friday 2nd December at 7.00pm. This will take place instead of a full scale December festival. We have planned a dinner/show/party so put on your dancing shoes and get ready to celebrate a successful year!

Yellowwood Conference Centre: The Fairfell Room

You will recall from earlier newsletters this year that the date Sunday 4th December was chosen for the Summer festival, however we bought that date forward to Friday 2nd and scaled down the event when I realized that I might have to have surgery scheduled for December. This decision was made long before the private schools changed their closing date to Tuesday 29th November. It’s just not feasible for me to change the concert date as a lot of my perfomers will still be at school, some of them writing exams and I will still have a very heavy weekly teaching load. Those girls who live in the area but are around have been included in the programme and others are welcome if you or they wish to stay on in Hilton for a couple of days after the term ends. A few have already indicated that they would like to do this, others are heading off for their holidays.

Members of the joint company are: Jess Pinnell, Gemma Parsons, Tara Price, Tara Martin, Cassie Lotze, Grace Crooks, Gemma Adey, Sian Gunkel, Lizaan Pelser, Ashleigh Reitz, Julia Church, Georgi Borros, Chloe Heunis, Nikki Mayne, Shannon Harvey, Kez Black, Charlene Vos, Tanna Blumberg, Abi Nelson, Michelle Smith, Mike Vos, Craig Anderson, Sean Anderson and Liam McKintosh.

Once again Sandra Murphy has offered us a great deal on her venue and meal at a very busy time of the year (prime time for her with lots of year end festivities!)

The ticket price of R165 per person includes R150 for Yellowwood: 2 course meal – Beef Bourguignon and Thai Chicken Curry served buffet style (vegetarian option is a Roasted Butternut Lasagne) and Cheesecake or Chocolate Mousse Cake served plated, tea and coffee, venue hire, a gratuity for the staff and R15 as a partial contribution towards staging (in other words costs Steve and I will incur). There will be a cash bar.

We are planning to seat 60+ people in the venue on large round tables. If you wish to attend please book with Steve or myself and we will need to have confirmation of payment by Monday 31st October. Cash to Steve or to myself via internet bank transfer. You will appreciate that a Friday night at the beginning of December is a very popular date. SMS or email Steve or myself because we have agreed with Sandra to pay upfront by November 1st for a minimum of 50 people in order to secure the venue. Please specify if there are any vegetarians when you make your booking. If you wish your performer to eat from the buffet please purchase a meal only ticket (R150) – otherwise the usual bring and share will apply for them. N.B. Performers will be seated at a group table, not with their parents.

Members of Future Shock plus younger siblings of the performers are welcome to attend but this is a teen/adult event not one aimed at kiddies so the ticket price is the same as for an adult if you wish them to sit with you and eat from the buffet. You are welcome to bring as many guests as you like (within reason!) Once we have confirmed the booking there may be additional tickets made available.

Just to be quite clear, if we haven’t received payment for 50 people by 31st October, we will have no choice but to let our booking go and cancel the show because we will be liable for the full amount (R150 X 50 = R7500) and can’t afford to carry that risk. This would be a very sad outcome for the performers who have worked so hard and who get so much out of live performance. The levels of excitement are already reaching fever pitch!

We do appreciate that money is tight at the end of the year so completely understand if some of you feel that the event is something that your budget won’t quite stretch to. Steve and I are committed to staging the events we do in order to give our students the opportunity to perform live rather than merely attending weekly classes in the studio. Inevitably there is a considerable cost attached to creating and sustaining an environment that comes as close as possible to the professional experience.

In addition to all the work involved in staging the show from conception to completion, we have just purchased a brand new multi-level professional stage and a brilliant new LED lighting rig from Prosound in Durban. This represents an investment of over R20 000 to ensure that this and future shows will be visually as well as aurally spectacular events!

With regards to the venue and the meal on offer we’ve shopped around and believe this is excellent value.

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