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Tracy Stark :: The Collection

The Collection (2006)

Over the 20 or so years that I have been performing live the idea of recording an album has remained just that, an idea. I’ve frequently been asked where and when a recording would be available and I’ve always thought that one day there would be a right time.

This is an album in which I pay tribute, interpret rather than attempt to impersonate, the wonderful songwriters I respect and the fabulous singers I admire. It has been one of the privileges of my life to have been able to sing and share the music and reflected light of great musicians. It has also been immensely humbling.

There have been many people who have made this the right time to fulfil a life’s wish. Thank you to everyone I’ve ever shared a stage with, in particular Jeff Judge and the Guys, who turned me from a jazz rookie into a real performer, Wendy “sister in arms”, the inimitable Sam Hartman and Dawn Selby who I am completely in awe of. Thanks to everyone who listened and kept on listening, especially Mum and Dad, Don, Jan, Danny and Di. There were many, many nights. Thanks to Leonard for the technical wizardry.

Thank you to my children, Nick and Jax, who have been my constant support and remain my greatest fans.

Thank you to everyone who encouraged me to make this idea a reality, and most of all I thank and dedicate this collection to my husband (and producer) Steve, who believes in me…

So here it is, at last. I hope you enjoy it.

Tracy Stark Recorded and Produced at Lindsay Road Studios, Knysna June 2006


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