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Tracy Stark :: Both Sides Now

Both Sides Now – Single (2009)

A couple of months ago my son Nick and his friend Matt asked me whether I knew a song that they’d heard on a soundtrack to the movie Life as a House. The song was Both Sides Now and they were surprised I think, not that I knew it, but that I could sing it by heart and did so there and then. They played me Joni Mitchell’s 1970s version which was on their iPod™ in the car along with The Circle Game and California.

Not long afterwards Steve and I rediscovered the incredible Joni Mitchell repertoire all on old cassette tapes stashed away waiting at the back of a cupboard. Joni’s later 1990s version of the song became the inspiration for this cover, which is a tribute to a truly great artist and a watershed moment in my own musical career.

I showed Jeff a video clip posted on YouTube and he came up with what I think is an incredibly beautiful and evocative arrangement. We had never rehearsed this song, never performed it live until one special Friday night but the instant the strings filled my ears I had to choke back tears because I felt the music stirring and felt myself really living the song. In that moment I knew that this performance would be my finest work to date. I am so very proud of what Jeff, Steve and I have achieved so thank you Nick and Matt.

Tracy Stark Written by Joni Mitchell
Arrangement and Keyboards – Jeff Judge
Double Bass – Logan Byrne
Recording and Mastering – Steve Stark
Produced and Recorded at Songworks Recording Studios June 2009


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