Newsletter (September 2010)

September 27th 2010

Hi Everyone!

As we embark upon a very short break leading into the 4th term here’s a look back on all that’s happened during a busy 3rd term.

The Winter Concert
Was a huge success and thank you everyone for your participation, support and enthusiasm for this project. The afterglow of this event has left everyone feeling happy and satisfied with a job well done. Steve and I have created a slide show memento (on DVD) of the event which we are selling for R50. If you want one please let me know and I will keep one aside for you. You may add it to your account if you wish. Have a look at it on You Tube, where you can also find a clip of Gershon’s performance of Robbie Williams’ Feel. Both videos can be accessed through the blog on my website or at tracystark1 on You Tube.

The Summer Concert
Most of you will have heard by now that we have scheduled a Summer Concert for the end of the year and students have already begun working on their performance pieces. Ideally we would like to create a kind of “Barnyard” concert feel where people can bring food and drink and sit at large tables and chairs. We need to find an indoor venue as planning for the outdoors in summer requires nerves of steel which quite frankly after years of living in Hilton I simply do not have! Good weather at that time of year would require a monumental stroke of good fortune. I’ll be scouting for venues during the holidays so any input is most welcome! The provisional date is Sunday 5th December late afternoon to early evening. School closes on Friday 3rd, rehearsal will be on the Saturday just like last time and the performance will be held on the Sunday. We may go for the week earlier depending on the various schools end of year functions. Once again please invite friends and family – I’ll let you know how much tickets will cost – this will depend on whether there is a venue hire cost, staging, catering/bar etc.

rockschoolrockschool is an exciting concept accredited by Trinity College in the United Kingdom and it is affiliated to Trinity Guildhall Music UK. It allows students to gain a formally graded qualification in contemporary music styles which is internationally recognised.

The examiner comes from the UK once a year (August) so you can be assured of the highest standard of musical accreditation. Students can choose from a graded qualification (Gr1-8) or a performance certificate. If you think you might be interested for next year’s exams please let me know.

I have explained the concept to most of the students in the school and I must stress that it is not compulsory but it is a very valuable qualification for those who are serious about their music. Visit the rockschool website for more details or give me a call for more information.

I will be posting a more detailed explanation of the rockschool qualifications on my website so watch out for that. A number of students have already indicated that they are keen to sign up but some of you might not have had the information passed on to you by your child. All students doing vocals with me follow the syllabus fairly closely anyway and I supplement it with my own material.

rockschool Exams
I am delighted to report that the 6 students who performed the rockschool exams this year have done exceptionally well despite having only 4 months to prepare. It was our first attempt at the exams and the first time that a rockschool examiner has come to Kwazulu Natal. All 6 students passed with marks ranging from 74-82%. Abi Nelson (Gr 5 Performance Certificate) and Gina Christodoulou (Gr 5 Performance Certificate) passed very comfortably and Tanna Blumberg (Gr 4), Georgi Borros (Gr 4 Performance Certificate), Nikki Mayne (Gr 4) and Zizi Mthethwa (Gr 5) achieved merits. A fantastic first set of results so well done!

Best wishes,
Dr Tracy Stark
Songworks Music School
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