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What is Trinity Rock & Pop?

Trinity College London is a world-renowned international exam board that has been conducting assessments in music and drama for more than 100 years in South Africa. In March 2012 they launched their brand-new Trinity Rock and Pop syllabus. These exams for Vocals, Bass, Drums, Guitar and Keyboards provide an opportunity for rock and pop musicians to gain accredited qualifications through performing carefully chosen and arranged songs across the rock and pop genres. Performance, individuality and creativity are at the core of these qualifications reflecting the way that many rock and pop musicians learn today.

How does Rock & Pop Work?

Exams are offered from Initial (for beginners) and then from Grade 1 to Grade 8. The format at all Grades is exactly the same. Candidates will need to perform a set of 3 songs and complete one Session Skills assessment – either Playback or Improvising. Candidates can choose the order of the set list.

Playback: You will perform some music you haven’t seen or heard before – you can sight-read from a song chart or sing by ear from an audio track, or both.

Improvising: You will be given a song chart and will improvise over a backing track.

Songs can be chosen from the books or from additional song-lists on the website. One song can be an original track, or it can be the student’s own cover version of a song. This song can be performed unaccompanied, self-accompanied or with a backing track which could be the student’s own creation.

The 3rd song is chosen from one of the two Technical Focus songs in the book for the Grade. These songs include three specific technical elements. Higher marks are available for this song to reflect this and guidance on the preparation of these elements is included in the books.

Initial and all Grades 1 – 8

Song 1 Pass Mark: 15 Maximum Mark: 25
Song 2 Pass Mark: 15 Maximum Mark: 25
Song 3 Pass Mark: 18 Maximum Mark: 30
Session Skills Pass Mark: 12 Maximum Mark: 20
Total 60 100

Exam sessions take place twice a year in South Africa (normally March and September). The Examiners are based in the UK and travel to Exam Centres all around the world so you can be sure that marking adheres to a consistent standard internationally.

How Much Will Trinity Rock & Pop Cost?
1. Each student will be expected to purchase the Trinity Rock & Pop book relevant to the Grade Exam they have entered for. Cost of this will be approx. R250.00
2. Backing tracks can be downloaded from the online store and cost between R20 and R50 per track.

Trinity Rock & Pop Exam Fees 2013

Initial R380
Grade 1 R460
Grade 2 R515
Grade 3 R545
Grade 4 R655
Grade 5 R690
Grade 6 R755
Grade 7 R865
Grade 8 R945

How to sign up to Trinity Rock & Pop
If you think you might be interested in entering for a Trinity Rock & Pop exam please talk to us about it. The exam centre is in the Music Block at St Anne’s College a few hundred yards away from our Studio. We work closely with the St Anne’s music department all year round and we are always in attendance there during our students exams.

Songworks and Trinity Rock & Pop
We entered 6 students into South Africa’s first Trinity Rock & Pop exam session in September 2012.

3 students were awarded Distinctions with one achieving an incredible mark of 97% in her first-ever practical music examination. Our other 3 students were all awarded a Merit.

More information about Trinity Rock & Pop
Download 2013 Syllabus (PDF)
For further information please visit the Trinity College website